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Insurgency International Open Finals
N.W.A 2 : 0 Impact
Insurgency International Open Finals (3rd/4th)
MDMA 2 : 1 SwaggMoneyBallers
Insurgency International Open Finals
MDMA 0 : 2 N.W.A
Impact 2 : 1 SwaggMoneyBallers
Insurgency International Open Semi-Finals
Enigma 2 : 0 MDM

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  • ARK: A Beginner's Guide

    In ARK you can be anything. A lone wolf living independently crafting what you need to get by, or perhaps you would even prefer to offer your services and goods to others! With PVP available you could even join up with your friends and become a group of raiders/mercenaries who search through the jungles and hostile environments of the island, in search of other players and their gear. With all these features and so many things to do, ARK can get a bit confusing, especially for newer players. Don't worry though, have you covered!

  • Join The Team! Positions Available

    Pacific Gaming League Needs You!

    Here at PGL, we believe that our best asset is the community. Before any decisions are made, community feedback is gathered and considered and it greatly affects the way we expand into games, host competitive seasons and configure out servers. The Staff of PGL are comprised entirely of passionate members of the community who have volunteered and/or been selected to manage certain aspects of the community. Our goal is to continue to do exactly this.

  • R6:Siege PUG Nights

    A while ago, PGL community member Gio created the Facebook group for passionate Rainbow Six Siege fans (Oceanic R6:Siege [All Platforms]). There will be a number of PUG nights for R6S organised through this group and shared by Pacific Gaming Leauge. The first of many is now here.

  • REVIEW: Rainbow Six Siege

    “I’ll respawn in 5 and kill that sniper, and then I’ll top the scoreboard and carry my team to victory…what team?” The common thought that goes through many modern first person shooter players as they grind their way through games. Constantly being rewarded for common in-game actions. Mainstream titles such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and Battlefront give emphasis on individualism and the need to be a great individual player, rendering them as one-men-armies against everyone in the server. As dying becomes irrelevant and having the luxury of respawning back into the battlefield, the concepts of objective based gameplay, team cohesion and communication fly straight out of their barrels. In Rainbow Six: Siege, you won’t find any of this nonsense.

Past Insurgency

22nd Jan - 1st April
Winner: Ignition 5

Upcoming Arma 3

Date TBD
Coming Soon!

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